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SECOND CHANCE ADDICTION CARE was borne out of a recognition that there are individuals in need in Maryland who are not receiving care, and that existing programs did not have as their central purpose the delivery of high quality, personalized care.  Second Chance sought to address this unmet need and sought to do it the right way.  

Second Chance was founded in January of 2018 with two overarching, overlapping goals: (1) to provide highly individualized treatment to each patient as each patient has unique needs and each person's recovery will be different, meaning that group sizes would be capped to be manageable, and that more individual treatment sessions would be conducted per patient; and (2) to reach as many patients in need as possible, meaning that Second Chance would both take private and public insurance where most programs turned their back on Medicaid patients, and that we would not charge members of the military, law enforcement, or first-responders who had no other means of payment - no questions asked.  

We opened with this philosophy unsure if the community would respond.  We are proud that, since our opening, we have helped dozens of people.  We developed a strong reputation for providing excellent, ethical care.  We have treated several veterans at no cost.  And we have made a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients, and their families, as our testimonials demonstrate. 

We would be honored to help you, or your loved one, start on their path to recovery, and a more happy and healthy life. 


A program must be based on a philosophy, a set of principles that drive its work, that all staff must believe in and be dedicated to, and that define its very existence.  This mission outlines the values of the organization which, in turn, we seek to translate every day in our work with prospective patients, current patients, families, and the broader community. 

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