Mark started in the field after long-term treatment at Operation PAR in 1986. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree at University of West Florida. His discipline was a group experiential focusing on behavior of individuals in groups and proved beneficial to both his future recovery and later clinical endeavors.

Mark continued with PAR in a variety of modalities including detox, residential, individual, group therapy & education. He left PAR a Senior Counselor at their Tier IV OP at a Florida work-release--a joint venture by PAR, the State & US government. Mark was responsible for the majority of the clinical work and for day-to-day operations to satisfy the Joint Commission's (then JCAH) standard. He continues what has been a succession of paid & volunteer contributions to recovery which include hundreds of hours of continuing education as well as over nine-thousand hours of group facilitation as both a primary & secondary counselor, facilitator and educator.

In 2004 Mark was recognized as an "Unsung Hero" by Caron Foundation at their inaugural Washington Metropolitan Community Service Awards Breakfast--cited for his diligent work in the area for those "affected by their addiction so that they can overcome their disease and live a sober life...."

Currently Mark provides educational content for Second Chance Addiction Care. Further he is a certificated Recovery Coach & Facilitator per Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. Of late he's co-trained intensive, five-day, Coaching classes for DC's Department of Behavioral Health completing over 140 Recovery Coaches to date.

On recovery

"Being in recovery so long I've come to believe what now seems obvious: Addiction may well have primarily genetic and environmental causes yet recovery is is clearly contagious. If we can get the affected to swim around in a solution long enough they they just get better. It's really pretty simple yet so hard to do.

"Today, gratefully, there are multiple pathways of recovery yet still so easily overwhelmed by the many, many pathways to set-backs. I most enjoy helping folks build a recovery team that is sustainable and successful on whatever pathway they embark."

It may surprise you to know...

Although Mark really enjoys getting his hands dirty fixing mechanical things, he'd much rather be planting a tree.


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Mark Servatius

Outreach Consultant