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Rita comes to us with years of experience working in different facets of human resources, management, employee relations and relationship building. Rita has been an avid animal lover since childhood and worked in the pet wellness industry for several years. The love for animals has contributed to her compassion towards others. She feels it’s important to have a happy healthy cohesive work environment where everyone works together to reach company goals. Rita feels when you are passionate about what you do, you are happier and more productive because you care and are personally vested and motivated to achieve success and the feeling of fulfillment.

On recovery

My mother was a school teacher that spend her summers helping parents, friends and children in different capacities of mental health and addiction. I learned very early in life that everyone deserves a caring helping hand and never to judge their situation. I have a huge heart and seeing someone grow and start feeling good about themselves and their achievements is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Recovery takes support, time, love and patience. The passage way to healing is not an easy feat. But, it’s worth it because you’re worth it and you deserve it."

It may surprise you to know...

I’m a southpaw that trained with a professional boxer in my much younger years. Now, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, baking, gardening, and making spicy jelly.


9800 Falls Road

Suite 7
Potomac, MD 20854



Rita Madrid

Director of Human Resources

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