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Jackie has over 25 years of direct service experience in the area of mental health, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis. Not long after completing her MSW she worked on a SAMHSA nationwide grant to identify and provide treatment for homeless mentally ill with co-occurring substance use issues. From there she worked with adolescents, overseas attending schools on various military bases. She not only provided counseling to risk for substance use issues she also educated the school and parents about risk associated with substance use. Six years ago, she was able to continue working in the field of substance abuse when she was hired to work at Suburban Hospital Addiction Treatment Center. One valuable lesson she learned from working with such a variety of groups and cultures was that we all have the same needs: to be loved and cared for.

On recovery

I grew up with a uncle who had a drinking problem. My mother was very close to him and of course, did not like that he drank so much. My brother and I decided one day to help by pouring his liquor down the drain. We were surprised by our mother’s reaction. She asked that we not do that again. We realized this was not the best way to get him to stop. I learned that it was important to accept my uncle the way he was and that we could not force him to change. Our job was to love him."

It may surprise you to know...

I spend my time dabbling in the arts including making bad poetry. I also spend a lot time reading and have a personal library of over 1,500 books.


401 E. Jefferson Street
Suite 203
Rockville, MD 20850



Jacquelyn Ned Mann, LCSW-C


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