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With over 30 years of sobriety under his belt and over 10 years of experience working in the treatment field, Federico is one of the most respected, well-liked, and talented addictions counselors in Maryland.  He excels in his ability to communicate therapeutic information in a professional and relatable way, whether in a group setting or in one-on-one meetings. Federico has helped individuals struggling with addiction throughout Maryland, including in Montgomery County and Baltimore.  He is trained as a CCAR recovery coach and has obtained numerous other certifications related to addiction and mental health.  Federico is fluent in English and Spanish, both in speaking and writing. 

On recovery

"I love and appreciate every client I interact with. I see the great potential in people getting better and living productive lives, particularly those who have struggled for a long time and now in recovery are discovering purpose for their lives. "

It may surprise you to know...

Federico emigrated from Panama over 30 years ago.


9800 Falls Road

Suite 7
Potomac, MD 20854



Federico Douglas, ADT


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