Continental Program 

Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction that is distinguished by its:

  • focus on executives, high-level officials, and others with similar professional backgrounds;

  • high counselor-patient ratio;  

  • first-class amenities; and
  • special attention to privacy, confidentiality, and convenience. 

The Continental Program is named in honor of DR. BENJAMIN RUSH (pictured).  Dr. Rush signed the Declaration of Independence, served as surgeon general of the Continental Army, trained thousands of doctors as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, dedicated himself to the care of the poor in private practice, was a staunch abolitionist and advocate for prison reform, and understood that mental health and addiction were medical issues and not character flaws.  He is the father of American psychiatry. 


A brilliant and underappreciated member of the founding generation, Second Chance pays tribute to Dr. Rush, his service to the country, and groundbreaking work in mental health and addiction treatment. 

Second Chance Addiction Care

9800 Falls Road, Suite 7

Potomac, MD 20854