Cai is an administrative assistant on their way to becoming a certified peer specialist. You can see Cai at Second Chance smiling at the front desk or hear their friendly voice answering phone calls. In addition they are here to be a extra support to all those who need it.  They were born and raised in Gaithersburg, and went to Magruder High School. Cai has been in active recovery since 2013 and has a unique perspective of being a member of the lgbtq+ community as well!  Since coming into recovery they have gained a passion for helping those who struggle with addiction.  They have received CCAR, NAMI, WRAP, and MAPCB Ethics certifications. In addition, they have spoken on panels pertaining to recovery and lgbtq+ identity.  Cai hopes to eventually receive a graduate degree in the clinical field and to continue to help others. 

On recovery

"Recovery is the most important part of my daily living, it is the foundation that I build my life upon. Sharing that hope of a different path with others is what brings me joy. I want for all those who struggle with active addiction to see the way out and understand that it does get better. No matter who you are, or what individual roadblocks you experience, recovery is possible for you and we are here to help." 

It may surprise you to know...

Cai published a chapbook of poems about discovering identity.


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Cai Diederich

Office Manager